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Where ever you are, what ever you look at and no matter what the weather is doing, there's a picture just about everywhere. Taking pictures is one thing, making pictures is entirely different and it requires thought, planning and most importantly, a vision for the finished image.

These days we are all bombarded by digital images, on tv, magazines, via the internet and every time we go into our local towns and cities. We all reach image-saturation level at times and we just want to shut our eyes and re-focus, because much of what the marketing industry throws at us is commercial junk. With that in mind, hopefully you will find some pleasing pictures in these galleries and if you do, please come back from time to time because the galleries are being updated on an on-going basis, and who knows, you just might find something that will make you smile.

Some of these pictures were created with digital cameras, and some were created with traditional film and the galleries include pictures from both personal and commercial projects.

At River Studio we use high resolution digital cameras for copying original artwork for artists who request limited edition art prints and museum quality exhibition prints. High resolution digital imaging is extremely accurate and it is pretty much perfect for copying and reproducing artwork.

For personal projects such as documentary projects we have returned almost exclusively to traditional film based photography. There are so many advantages with traditional film for artistic photography and although it is not possible to view an 'instant' preview of any picture, traditional film is so rewarding, so real, and so incredibly beautiful that it stimulates the natural senses in us, because it replicates the way our eyes and brain see things.

For us, photography is about analogue film, just as music is more engaging when listened to on analogue vinyl. No matter which way you look at it, traditional film has it nailed.....enjoy.