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Call: 01489 576519
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Artwork Copying & Artwork Reproduction Services

High Resolution Artwork Copying

Stunning artwork reproduction using high resolution scanners for exquisite detail and brillianceMany self publishing artists never sell their original artwork, preferring to market either open or limited edition giclee prints made from high resolution artwork copying from the original. This not only adds value to the original, it also increases the availability of their work to a far wider audience.

To create the highest quality fine art giclee prints requires a high resolution colour matched digital file to be made. We use high resolution cameras to capture in either 8Bit or 16Bit and create colour matched and balanced digital files based on the D50 Specification (5000° Kevin colour temperature and a colour rendering index (CRI) of 90 or greater).

Scanners have limitations in that they rely almost exclusively on fluorescent lighting to illuminate the media and suffer from extremely shallow depth of focus. Another negative to scanning is that if the item has any form of texture, such as oils and acrylics, a scanner will tend to flatten this texture, where polarised lighting will retain and even enhance the textures. High resolution photographic artwork copying is a far superior method of digitising original artwork.

High resolution photographic print copies increases the availability of artists work to a far wider audienceThere is also a great degree of personal experience and skill involved in assessing the captured digital files to ensure the colour balance, tonality and luminance combine to deliver a faithful representation when printed.

River Studio specialises in hi-resolution photographic artwork copying using high speed polarised flash to create prints from original art on oil, acrylic, watercolour paints, inks, pastels and pencil.