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Fine Art Giclee Prints

River Studio | Fine Art Giclee PrintsThe word Giclée is used to describe a fine art digital printing process employing inks with art paper to create art prints. There are various ways of creating art prints and not all art prints are equal. Art prints created with high quality large format digital printers using pigment inks and 100% cotton based art papers are fully archival and offer the very finest quality prints.

Our Fine Art Giclee prints are created using high resolution large format 12-Colour digital giclee printers using UV stable and encapsulated pigment inks and 100% cotton based art papers. These printers are capable of producing incredibly detailed images with vibrant colours faithful to the original artwork for both the fine art and photographic markets. The giclee printing process provides far better colour accuracy than other means of print reproduction.

Fine art prints, whether limited edition or open edition should be made on cotton based paper and printed with UV stable pigment inks for their archival qualities. The quality of the paper used in creating a giclee print is very important. Paper manufacturers such as Hahnemuhle, Canson and Innova have an extensive range of archival fine art papers used in giclee printing. By insisting on cotton based papers you can be assured the final result will be a superb reproduction which will last for many years without fear of fading or colour shift.

Fine art giclee print created using pigment inks are lightfast for decades, when mounted, framed or stored properly. By using pigment based inks, the archival properties of a giclee print are significantly higher than dye inks or traditional silkscreen or litho prints.

The advantages of giclee prints for artists is to reproduce artwork in either limited edition or open print form as required. Once an image is digitally created and archived, additional print reproductions can be made at any time and each print will be identical to the last. The prohibitive up-front cost of having to produce a complete print run for an edition is eliminated. Archived digital files can not deteriorate in quality. Another advantage of giclee printing is that high resolution digital images can be reproduced in various sizes and onto a vast range of media.

Giclee printing offers incredibly high degrees of colour fidelity and tonality when compared to other 'traditional' printing methods and because no screen or other mechanical device is used, there is no visible dot pattern or image degradation. The finished prints really are a true representation of the artists original work.


Artwork Copying and Reproduction

River Studio | Artwork Copying and ReproductionMany self publishing artists never sell their original artwork, preferring to market limited edition giclee prints made from a high resolution digital image of the original. This not only adds value to the original, it also increases the availability of their work to a far wider audience.

To create the highest quality fine art giclee prints requires a high resolution colour matched digital file to be made from your original artwork. We use high resolution copy cameras and high speed polarised flash lighting to captured images in either 8Bit or 16Bit and create colour matched and balanced digital files based on the D50 Specification (5000° Kevin colour temperature and a colour rendering index (CRI) of 90 or greater).

The digital artwork copying results in an incredibly detailed image but there is also a great degree of personal experience and skill involved in assessing the captured digital files to ensure the correct colour balance, tonality and luminance are achieved to ensure a faithful representation of the original artwork when printed.

The finished digital files are supplied to clients on either CD/DVD or on USB pen drives depending on the images size and quantity.

River Studio specialises in copying original artwork based on oil, acrylic, watercolour paints and inks, pastels, charcoal and pencil.


Limited Edition Prints

River Studio | Limited Edition PrintsLimited edition prints created from high resolution copies of artists original artwork are becoming increasingly popular and many people now buy limited edition art prints as an investment, with the added bonus of being able to enjoy their investment hanging on the wall. You can't do that with money in the bank which is rarely worth as much when you withdraw it as it was when you deposited it, and there are no bank charges with limited edition prints.

It is very important to set the edition size before beginning any printing and also to decide whether you want to create a small number of artist proof prints to determine which paper and image density you prefer before starting the limited edition prints. Once the edition size is chosen and the first prints are sold the number of prints in the edition can not be changed. If the edition is going to be relatively small and they sell very well you have to accept that the print run can't be extended.

An edition that sells out completely is actually a very good thing and should be viewed as a great encouragement and a very good reason to create more art. Creating art is what artists do, so selling all prints in an edition is not only extremely encouraging it is a great way of expanding your customer base.

Many artists now enhance their limited edition prints with additional paints, inks and satin or gloss varnishes. Some even include small drawings or sketches in the paper margin to ensure that each print is unique. There are no limits to what an artist can do to visually enhance an art print and it opens up a whole new world of artistic possibilities.

Limited edition prints should be sold with a dedicated certificate of authenticity complete with a reduced size image of the main art print. The certificate should include an artist copyright notice, the print size, printing date, edition number and details of the paper and ink used to create the print. The certificate is numbered and signed to match the numbering and signature on the limited edition print so purchasers are assured of complete authenticity.

We always create the certificate of authenticity on the same art paper used for creating the limited edition print so the reduced size printed image has the same colour and density. This gives a thoroughly professional appearance when the purchaser receives the print and is widely regarded as the best way to present limited edition prints.

At River Studio we have many years experience in fine art printing so you can be assured of the most meticulous attention to detail and the creation of the very finest museum grade art prints to exhibition standard.

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