Portraits ...

Where ever you are, whatever you look at and no matter what the weather doing, there's a picture just about everywhere. I recently saw a stunning image of a single tiny flower growing out of a gutter in a wet and dreary New York street. The image was captured with feeling and an understanding of the stuggle to survive against the odds. It really was exquisite and quite inspirational, yet so simple. Taken by a photographer with 'eyes that see' it became a wonderfully iconic image, and one that I will alwaysmake me smile.

The opportunities for image making, picture taking and finding art in every day things is endless. We don't need vast landscapes, stunningly beautiful sunsets or rolling seas to create great images. Even the most ordinary of objects and places can become amazingly beautiful art prints with some inspired vision and a heart for what is being created.

This website is designed as a window into fine imaging and we trust you will find something of worth here. Call back regularly to check out the updated galleries and articles in the news section. We are working on some exciting and challenging projects during 2011 &2012 so there will be regular image updates and features. You can reach us via the contact page or email us direct at dave@river-studio.com or cal 07841-656274.

Thanks for calling by,

David West