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Colour Management

Colour Management

Colour Matched Print Reproduction

Colour Matched Print ReproductionThe first step is to digitise the original artwork. A high resolution photograph (8Bit or 16Bit) is made that accurately captures all the colour and detail of the original. Included in the reproduction process are accurate colour chart, each with known values and references.

From these known (colour chart) values and by using sophisticated colour management software in the form of ICC (International Colour Consortium ) profiles for the camera, computer screen, printer and chosen print media, it is possible to replicate these colours accurately.

ICC profiles ensure that the final print is as accurate as possible to the original for colour and density. The purpose of image colour management is to obtain an accurate match from the original artwork, through to the finished art print.

Colour Artwork ScanningThe River Studio colour managed workflow is based on the D50 Specification (5000° Kevin colour temperature and a colour rendering index (CRI) of 90 or greater).

Art prints created from colour profiles nearly always require some editing and balancing due to the different reflectance and luminosity of the various art papers chosen for the finished prints.

This process often requires subjective assessments to be made. These assessments require a high degree of skill and experience to achieve an accurate print representation of the original artwork.