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Fine Art and Photographic Giclee Printing Services
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Fine Art Print Services

River Studio specialises in Artwork Copying, Fine Art Printing (Giclee) for artists, galleries and photographers.

All River Studio prints are created using the most modern large format 12-Colour 44" and 24" high resolution print technology, employing the very finest acid free art papers and uv-encapsulated pigment inks for fully archival, museum grade prints.

We offer a full reproduction service for artists working in traditional and mixed media and have many years experience in the creation of open and limited edition art prints and certificates.

Fine Art Giclée Print Services
Artwork Reproduction
Artwork Reproduction

Artwork Copying & Reproduction

River Studio specialises in hi-resolution photographic artwork copying using high speed polarised flash for original artwork based on oil, acrylic, watercolour paints and inks, pastels and pencil. We also copy and restore photographic prints.

To create the highest quality fine art giclee prints requires a high resolution colour matched digital file to be made from your original artwork. We use high resolution cameras to captured in either 8Bit or 16Bit and create colour matched and balanced digital files.

Artwork Reproduction
Traditional Film Copying
Art Prints

Traditional Film Copying

River Studio is dedicated to digitising traditional film. We love film, we shoot film and provide an exceptional copying and large format digital printing service. Formats include 35mm, 6x4.5, 6x6, 6x7, 6x9, 5x4 and 10x8.

All traditional negatives and trasparencies are copied and delivered as 'print ready' files in either 8Bit or 16Bit Tiff format on CD/DVD. Most medium and large format negatives and transparencies when digitised result in extremely large digital files, which print beautifully and bring out the very finest detail. Traditional Film Copying